For Sale: 1990 Barth Regal SE-31J


1990 Barth Regal SE-31J

Edelweiss, our 1990 Barth Regal SE-31J, is up for sale. It’s built like a tank, and makes a wonderful home on wheels for the solo adventurer, couple or small family. Edelweiss currently sits safely in storage in Spokane, Washington.

Check out the original Barth Regal brochure (PDF)

When we bought Edelweiss in 2012, it had 18,000 miles on the odometer, and the interior was showing signs of age and use. But mechanically and structurally, it was solid. We spent the better part of 6 months remodeling the interior: new wood flooring, custom beds, custom dining table and bench seating/storage, custom entry wall, the dark interior was painted white, installed a new head unit and speakers and we recarpeted the dog house area with a commercial-grade carpet.

At the time of purchase, we also bought all new tires, resealed the roof and all the windows, replaced the brake lights with new, and larger, custom LED lights and housings for better visibility, and installed a Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer for better handling.

Edelweiss was our beloved home on wheels for a year on the road, where we traveled around the US as a family of five, meeting awesome people and making new life experiences. Although we thought we’d never sell it, we’ve reached a point in our lives where it’s more of a need than a want. We have hopes of living overseas, and Edelweiss won’t be able to follow us.


My name is Jason, and if you have any questions, you can drop me a line via email, text or phone call:

(509) 863-1030 or

Email or text is the most expedient, as I always have my phone with me. If I don’t answer your call right away, please leave a message, and I’ll get back to you promptly.



  • August 2016: Installed all-new batteries (2 deep cycle house batteries + 1 automotive)


Edelweiss is a 31-foot motorhome which has been sitting safely in storage for the past 3 years.

  • Asking Price: $20,000
  • Mileage: 35,300
  • Barth “Bible” w/ Paperwork Since Original Purchase
  • 460 Ford V8 Gas Engine
  • John-Deere Chassis
  • 3 ZipDee Awnings
  • 2 A/C Units
  • Power Cables for 30 and 50-Amp Hook-Ups
  • High-Power Kool-A-Matic Attic Fan
  • LPG Furnace + Leak Detector
  • Hot Water Tank
  • 4-Burner Range Top
  • New Windshield (just before going off the road)


Our 6-month remodel in 2012 included the following:

  • New tires all-around + full-size spare
  • Custom-built front-bed (full-size)
  • Custom-built bunk beds in the rear (total of 3)
  • Custom-built dining table w/ bench seating + storage
  • Custom gray wood flooring
  • Custom natural latex mattresses for all beds w/ custom coverings
  • Custom LED brake lights + housings
  • Upgraded contemporary designer decor
  • Paint touch-ups on the exterior
  • New water inlet
  • Commercial-grade carpet installed in dog-house area
  • Installed Roadmaster Reflex steering stabilizer
  • Resealed roof and A/C units
  • Resealed all windows
  • New clutch fan


Here are some “before” photos:

And here are some “after” photos:



  • Virtually new Rand McNally RVND 7720 GPS is included – it’s too big to be useful in a car, so it’ll stay with Edelweiss.
  • The dashboard A/C isn’t operable, as it needs to be recharged, but it’s an older R-12 (freon) based system, which is no longer available (legally). It would just need to be swapped out for a newer system in order to work again.
  • The exterior paint has faded over the last couple years – it’s purely aesthetic, but there are inexpensive ways to touch it up (i.e. you can buy automotive spray paint and mask off the red and dark gray areas accordingly – we did this originally, and it works great, and it’s easy to find color matches at local auto stores) I have a can of the dark gray and dark red that we originally used.
  • It has a generator, but we only used it once during our year of travel. It has low miles on it, but doesn’t currently want to turn over. A mechanic friend said it could probably just use a cleaning/tune-up.
  • The roof mounted air-horn doesn’t work (it didn’t at time of purchase)
  • The roof mounted antennae was removed and sealed (the previous owner forgot to lower it one day, ahem, and we didn’t plan on using it) but the raise/lower mechanism is still intact for future use.