Archive: November 2011

We chose to purchase an older (but not too old) motorhome because we couldn’t see the sense in going into debt to buy brand new. Our goal is to simplify here. We looked at C Class RVs but we found that they were lacking storage. They would fit a family of 5 comfortably but not […]

Its been challenging to pare down our homeschooling materials to bring with us. Space and gross weight are limited so I need to be selective. First Grade Dolche sight words (whole word) The Reading Lesson (phonetic) Penmanship (copywork) First Language Lessons Book 1 Math will be manipulatives, money and time covering patterns, metric system, skip […]

We don’t really have a complete plan, but we have a tentative plan or rather a sketchy outline for our new lifestyle. We currently live in California and the highly-regulated-extremely-safe-family-friendly city in which we live does not allow one to keep a motorhome so we plan on having hubby and eldest take a cross-country road […]

As I’ve mentioned before we’ll be roadschooling the kiddos, which is really just a very mobile form of homeschooling. The biggest challenge will be having enough room for all our materials and still keeping it simple (oh, and not exceeding our gross allowable weight). This affords us an amazing opportunity to live, walk, and see […]

In an effort to live more simply the inevitable must occur. We have to downsize. One thing I’ve noticed in all the homes we’ve lived in is that no matter the size of the home, it will be full to bursting. We just don’t stop accumulating stuff. We have lived in homes that including the […]