Archive: April 2012

Sometimes its hard to believe I’m the mom to 3 awesome kids, and then I remember my oldest is turning 14. And then its extremely difficult to believe that I’m old enough to have a teenager! (One look in the mirror usually brings me back to reality pretty quick). Yes, my baby boy who made […]

The first thing a non-homeschooler asks a homeschooler is “What about socialization??” (gasp!) And whenever I’m asked that I know in my head the answer, but I’m usually so busy or distracted with other things that it comes out all mixed up like I’m defending it as I go along. Or, if I’m having a […]

I’ve only managed to pack 3 boxes to keep in storage, cleaned out the outgrown clothes in Divagirl’s closet (4 paper bags full!), and start on the boys’ closet. But I’ve made progress on next year’s curriculum! I must admit, I’m a planner. I get a thrill planning, organizing and researching. Mr T will be […]

The countdown has begun. All the friends and relatives who planned to visit us have come and gone. Which leaves us 3 months to sort through our belongings and sell, donate or store what we don’t want to bring on the RV with us. Emphasis on the sell or donate portions. I have stealthily been […]