Archive: July 2012

Skating is something I’ve always done for myself, not to please anyone else. As a result, not too many people know about it…until now. I grew up as a competitive equestrian eventer, doing the show circuit, 4H, Pony Club, and 3 phase eventing and while I enjoyed it at the time, it wasn’t something I […]

We are really good at demolition! So much so, that even as I have a plan of how everything will look once its put back together, I really start to panic when I see it so far gone. My parents had started some work over the winter pulling out the stuff we didn’t want and […]

So what have we been up to? It has been so ridiculously hot and humid with enormous mosquitoes that we typically spend most days indoors. Designerd has been busy with work, the boys have been amusing themselves with unlimited electronics time, Divagirl has been bouncing off the walls and shadowing any person or animal who […]

Yesterday was a nice rest, but today it was back to business. We still had the contents of a 17′ Uhaul truck to unload into storage. My parents were able to secure an air-conditioned 10×10 storage unit for us, but after we started loading things in, we started getting a little anxious that it might […]

Happy Independence Day! We made it to Florida :) It only took 6 hours and 4 gullywashers. No more major problems with the truck, although we will be complaining to Uhaul about the seatbelts. They would continually get tighter and lock when we’d go over bumps (and there were lots of bumps!). Then the seatbelt […]