Archive: November 2012

This is it, the big reveal! One year ago, we bought this beauty in need of some major updating and TLC. Since then we’ve primed, painted, re-wired, re-ducted, removed mouse nests and carpet, removed wood floor and a broken microwave, stripped wallpaper, resealed the toilet, eliminated creepy plumbing fixtures, added a bunk bed, gutted a […]

We decided not to travel with a toad (car towed behind) so we are relying on our bikes for transportation. Therefore we needed to do a little maintenance on the bikes and shift things around a bit. Designerd had been using my mountain bike because it was just too uncomfortable for me, Mr. T had […]

The boys have been spending the night in Edelweiss all week. They love their bunks. Our new bed is constructed and the mattress is finally finished. The frame allows the base to slide from a 30″ deep sofa during the day to a 55″ bed at night. Grandpa reconfigured the old sofa area that had […]

What are you thankful for? We are thankful for… a place to stay while we remodel our new home a very handy retired grandpa having our family together being human beings the invention of xbox wi-fi connectivity Legos relative healthiness (although we’ve been sharing a 2-day cold) not having to partake in the black Friday […]

It has been a busy first season of skating. So far I’ve competed in 2 USFS competitions, 1 ISI competition, a club recital/exhibition, taken (and passed) 3 sets of tests: USFS Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field and Free Skate; ISI Open Bronze, Figures I; USFS Adult Bronze Moves in the Field and Free Skate. […]