Archive: December 2012

We hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing day surrounded by people you love. We are back at my parents’ place for the holiday week and spent the last couple days baking goodies that would be much too time consuming to make in Edelweiss. I had a few little baker elves help me with some recipes. […]

Just a little glimpse at some of the meals we’ve made in Edelweiss. Its not actually too different from sticks and bricks cooking as long as you have the right equipment. Once or twice a week we have a treat and movie night. One night I made popcorn and homemade mint cocoa. Another night I […]

Our relatives from Seattle came to Orlando for vacation and were able to visit us during our stay in Clermont. They had a fun filled few days swimming with the dolphins, learning about space exploration and attending various shows. The boys put on a little concert for them and played a few songs on our […]

…or at least that’s what they sound like. We have been staying at the Thousand Trails-Orlando Campground in Clermont, FL for the week and we are visited several times a day by a pair (or two) of Sandhill Cranes. They are so cool looking and come so close, but they make a creepy deep trilling […]

Several of the places we’ve stayed are technically family friendly but not really in practice, requiring an adult to be with said child (under 18 or under 21) at ALL times. Since Mr. S is our explorer, he was quite bored. Some might say he went a little nuts.