Archive: December 2012

Ok friends, here are a handful of LEGOLAND photos – I thought it’d be easier to digest these in their own post, given the way the gallery appends thumbnails to the post blah blah geeky stuff…here you go!

We arrived at Cypress on a Friday, with plans to visit LEGOLAND (I’m not yelling, that’s how it’s written) on the following Monday. We picked this resort as it was close to LEGOLAND, and it had favorable ratings for the amenities et al. Unfortunately, we’re quickly learning that anything with “resort” in the name turns out to […]

It was bound to happen, right? We had our first mishap of our travels: our gray tank overflowed into the tub. Wunderbar! Apparently the sensors aren’t working on the tank — although they were before we left — so we’ll have to keep the pipe open while we’re here, and I’ll plan on troubleshooting the electrical…at some […]

We’ve been in Northern Florida with nights getting close to freezing lately so we weren’t expecting such warm Tampa nights. This was our second night. Even with windows open it only got down to 75ish at night. So the kids stuck their feet out into the hallway to cool off. So cute! We are still […]

Well this is it. The house in WA has closed (finally!). We’ve begun our journey, although not exactly where we’d planned. We had intended to go down the the Florida Keys and then work our way back up, but we hesitated and now there are no places available. Anywhere. So we headed down to Oldsmar […]