Archive: January 2013


This morning we woke up early and packed up in preparation for checkout so that we could go out to breakfast with some of the families that were still here. Most everyone has a vehicle with them (except us) so they got ready to leave but didn’t have to drag their whole rig with them. […]


Well, it’s a wrap! Today is the final day of the rally, although it’s really acting as a day to decompress and chill out before getting back on the road tomorrow. Some families are leaving today, with a handful of others, including us, departing tomorrow morning. This was our first rally, and most definitely won’t […]


Ever since we started traveling, our schedule has gradually shifted to being more relaxed. I used to wake around 5a, I’d work until around 6p, then stay up until 11p’ish, and then repeat the next day. Now we (the adults) find ourselves going to bed a little later, and waking a little later. Lately, we’ve […]


Today started out with a bunch of folks who just can’t get enough of their apps :) ¬†We brought our breakfast and sat around sharing our favorite apps for learning, entertainment and anything else noteworthy. Afterwards, we went for a bike ride to explore the rest of the park. It was still pretty empty, however, […]

I’m not quite sure how to start this, so I suppose I’ll start at the beginning. Last night after dinner and a late night of fun we returned home to find an envelope taped to our door. It was labeled with our last name and site number, and contained a generous amount money. It was […]