Archive: March 2013


Today is Jason’s 40th birthday. We had a quiet day of nothingness to celebrate this landmark reminder that we are getting older (and hopefully wiser). I say we, because I’m only 3 months behind him. Forty also brings on a couple changes. The first change is a new job that will afford us some financial […]


Some friends of ours moved in down the lane from us which enables Divagirl to have a friend nearby to play with. It also makes for a good motivational tool to get her to finish her schoolwork in a timely manner. Her and the other kiddos played spinning games outside and then devoured some watermelon. […]


Still chilling out in Florida, spending the week at the Orlando Thousand Trails in Clermont, waiting for the weather to stop being so fickle so we can start heading north. We had planned on going up to Atlanta before Easter, but it may have to wait until after Easter. On second thought, that may be […]


Today we celebrated the coming of spring by coloring eggs. I hard boiled 16 and hollowed out 10. Last year I didn’t make nearly enough, so this year I made plenty! I also broke down and bought real food coloring. Those who know me, know I usually use natural food dyes made from boiling the […]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I decided to do some baking today. Not your ordinary baking though. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve seen so many fabulous recipes I’ve been longing to try but I haven’t had the proper ingredients because these are Paleo/Gluten-Free recipes. Before I left my parents’ I used their coffee grinder to grind some […]