Archive: March 2013


We are at Three Flags Thousand Trails in Wildwood, Florida once again. There are far fewer people here this time around. We hear that many of the snowbirds go back north after Easter. That’s coming up soon! We got an excellent spot this time, extra large and backed up to the woods. Mr. S is […]


We are back at my parents’ for a week or so. It feels weird not to have any scheduled plans. The kids have been sick with a mild fever and cold for a few days and I think it is making its way toward the grown ups now. We have the second to last orthodontist […]


I have to be honest, this would not normally be on our first choice list for places to stay, but it had one very important thing going for it: Location! It’s less than 2 miles to the Ellenton Ice Rink where my competition was held. So proximity wins out over…um…ambiance. The cutest part was that […]


This is it! This is what I’ve spent the month of February training for; my Bronze competition debut. February was a rough month coming back to skating after taking December and January off after passing my Bronze tests, changing to a Paleo diet, taking a bad fall and bruising my pectoral muscles (not ruling out […]


Divagirl had some money left over from Christmas and we were at the mall between locations so we said she could spend it. She discovered the Disney store. Her heart was set on a Snow White dress but not only were they overpriced, they were already beginning to fall apart. I told her I would […]