Archive: April 2013


Today is the day our oldest has been dreaming of for the past two years. The day his braces come off. It is an all day affair since the removal appointment is at 8:40 am, an hour away from the grandparents’ house. Then there is an additional 4:10 pm appointment to fit the retainer. So […]


Now that we’re in a better position financially with Jason’s new job, we started seriously looking for a car we could tow four down behind Edelweiss. It was very convenient having the car with us the last 3 weeks and we realized the possibilities it opened up for us. I still love biking, but realistically […]


What a day! It started simply enough; I wanted to go skating. I haven’t been on the ice since the competition and seeing all my fellow skaters posting comments on facebook made me jealous. I couldn’t go to RDV in Orlando because they had a competition going on this weekend and limited sessions so I […]


We’re still at the Thousand Trails in Clermont, FL. We didn’t want to overdo it in the candy department so we hid a plastic egg filled with jellybeans and a solid chocolate bunny for each of the kids. Apparently they were very well hidden since it took them a considerable amount of time to find […]