Archive: July 2013


Before we left West Virginia, Keri was able to get all the boys out on a private Tree Top Adventures ziplining session. Divagirl and I went into town and hung out at the old fashioned Ben Franklin store. I thought they had closed them all! It was a walk down memory lane. The boys really […]


We had originally planned to go white water rafting, but overnight, the water level on New River increased by about 5 feet, which was a little unexpected. Due to the peanut child and the inexperience of all of us, Keri felt it would be better if we skipped rafting for the day. Instead we, made […]


Time to catch up on blog posts! We have a bunch headed your way, and we’ll begin with our adventures in West Virginia :) While staying in West Virginia, we had 3 days packed with fun at Adventures on the Gorge in Fayetteville, WV. Heather’s best childhood friend, Keri, is an Adventures on the Gorge […]


We made it out of Massachusetts just as the rains came and had a nice cool travel day through Rhode Island and Connecticut. It only took 39 minutes to cut through Rhode Island, long enough to ponder the validity of its name since it is not an island nor even a peninsula. In keeping with […]


Our stay in the Boston-area will be super short—only a day and a half—but we were fortunate enough to work out dinner plans with a college friend and his lovely wife the first evening we arrived. During our trip down from Maine, we ran into some horrible storms that forced us to sit off the […]