Archive: August 2013


The drive from Iowa to Wall, South Dakota was long and boring peppered with billboards against the farmland. We left at 7:15 am CST and arrived at 6:30 pm MST. Jason was a trooper with so much driving. He even stopped at a rest area to participate in a meeting for work. Once we set […]


The kids got a short break in July between school “years” and on August 1st we began easing back into lessons again. I have a lot more planned for them this year as they enter 10th, 7th and 2nd grades respectfully. Which essentially means more work for me :)


We are west of the Mississippi again! Neither of us had ever been to Iowa before, and since we were headed west, we decided to stop and see my childhood friend, Jenn, who lives near Iowa City. I haven’t seen her for 14 years. Both her and her husband are veterinarians and they own their […]


We left Ohio and quickly made our way through Indiana by way of Indianapolis. We stopped for the night just outside of Peoria, Illinois at a park called Kamp Komfort. It was in the middle of a cornfield, but that’s not saying much, as there’s very little besides cornfields in central Illinois :) The caretaker […]


We ended up extending our stay at Cross Creek another day. We just had too much to do to leave just yet. Columbus is a mecca for all things shopping. If you can’t find it in Columbus, you probably don’t need it :) We took advantage of Stacey’s Costco membership to get 4 new tires […]