Jason and I spent the day in Japantown in San Francisco. It’s such a neat area, you really ought to check it out if you’ve never been. It’s compact, about 2 blocks near Geary and Webster, and it has a parking garage (this is key in San Francisco).

Jason had several meetings, so he camped out with his MiFi and during lunch we explored the shops.

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The great thing about visiting places you used to live is that you are familiar with the area and have services established. Which meant that this was going to be a very busy time!

I was way overdue for my bloodwork labs, but since my doctor is in CA and the last time I had labs done I was in FL and it caused a major communication breakdown, so I decided to wait until CA. Best thing is that my doctor’s office now draws their own blood and the phlebotomist did an awesome job! No bruising or anything!

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So much to do!

At noon, Mr. S and I went to Burlingame to watch his friend’s soccer game that she was goalie for. The game ended up tied. He has been emailing and video chatting with her since we left CA over a year ago, but they haven’t “seen” each other since.

Afterwards we went to Foster City where we used to live and met up with my friend, Elizabeth, and hung out and chatted and ate while our boys swam and tried desperately to gain gaming time. I miss having Elizabeth time more often! Mr S and her son are in the same grade and took hip hop together when we lived here.

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Our 6 hour trip turned into 10 hours which made for a really long day trip. We really didn’t want to stop though, so we just pressed on. I do not miss the traffic here. Absolute insanity.

We drove into Pacifica around dusk to find our site info waiting for us. We stayed at the Encore San Francisco RV Resort. Being a Thousand Trails member afforded us a small discount, but prices are so high in California that is almost didn’t make a difference. The resort is essentially a parking lot, and they discourage you from putting out your awnings (although there really isn’t any space between sites to do it if you wanted to). The upside is the proximity to the ocean, and we had a direct view from our window. It’s pretty windy in Pacifica, but the sunshine is awesome!

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We headed to the Rogue River Valley in southern Oregon and stayed at the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, between Medford and Ashland. We’d heard how beautiful the area was and were excited to visit Crater Lake and get to know the area.

What we didn’t count on was having the weather change abruptly and ending up with rain, fog and cloud inversions :(

Everyone we talked to told us how unusual the weather was and how they hadn’t had any rain for 4 months. Yep, we have good timing. It also meant that seeing Crater Lake was out of the question since there is zero visibility on cloudy days. Another trip I guess.

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