Bend has almost everything you’d need, which is good considering central Oregon is pretty removed from the other major cities in the region. It’s quite sunny and picturesque with mountains along the horizon. It’s also considered high desert, at an elevation of over 3000 feet and its VERY dry. I just couldn’t stay hydrated. We would totally considering living here if they had a year round ice rink, but they don’t, so that’s a deal breaker for me :)

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Upon recommendations, we booked our stay in Sisters, Oregon, about 20 miles from Bend, where our relatives live. And we’re being completely honest when we say the Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort was…AMAZING.

By far THE best campground we’ve ever stayed at. It was excellently maintained, with breathtaking flower gardens, spa-like bathrooms and freshly paved drives everywhere! And they were family friendly so the kids could longboard, rollerblade and bike to their heart’s content.

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We left Jason’s sister’s house and got 40 miles away when we realized we forgot our hard drive. Oops. So we pulled off at a truck stop, unhitched the car and Jason drove back to retrieve it. Richie was nice enough to meet him. Unfortunately, it added another hour and a half to our already delayed trip.

We continued on towards central Oregon, excited to see his brother and his family. We drove past Mount Hood and saw some beautiful scenery through the passes. But mountain passes always set me on edge and today was no exception. I kept asking Jason how the temperature gauge was doing and it was running high, but still coming back down when we coasted…until it didn’t.

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We stopped for a few days to visit Jason’s sister Lisa and her family in Damascus Oregon, outside of Portland. It was perfect timing since we were able to celebrate our youngest niece’s third birthday! They live off the beaten path but had plenty of space in their yard so we boondocked with a little power cord run from the garage. Mainly we hung out in their house with them and just slept in Edelweiss.

Divagirl had so much fun with her cousins. Even though Cate had school during the day, that just gave Divagirl more time to get to know Sammie.

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We made it to Oregon and one of my most favorite places in the world, Cannon Beach, Oregon!

I’ve loved this place since Jason took me there while we were dating in the summer of ’92. It’s always cooler and it’s usually not as foggy as Seaside, but Haystack rock and the beach and waves make for an amazing picture. It can be quite windy at times so dress accordingly.

We stayed at Cannon Beach RV Resort which was very shady and quiet and rather hilly. It was very convenient and just a mile from the beach.

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