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We made it to Virginia, our 8th state. We are staying at the Williamsburg Thousand Trails park which seems to be nice so far and the people are friendly. The kids and I took a field trip today to Yorktown National Park to learn about the battle there during the Revolutionary War. This week there […]


In an attempt to make up for lost time, we pushed through to the Thousand Trails park in southern South Carolina, our 6th state. Normally staying longer someplace wouldn’t be a big deal, but I want to have time to practice for my competition next weekend. As it is, I haven’t skated all week and […]


Welcome to Middle-of-Somewhere Alabama! I’ll be honest, I was ready to throw in the towel about an hour away from our destination. The first thing we realized is that if our GPS indicates it’s going to be a 5 hour trip, it will most definitely take 7. The second thing we learned, is that if […]


Still chilling out in Florida, spending the week at the Orlando Thousand Trails in Clermont, waiting for the weather to stop being so fickle so we can start heading north. We had planned on going up to Atlanta before Easter, but it may have to wait until after Easter. On second thought, that may be […]


We purchased a Thousand Trails membership for the Southeastern US in December. For the price of 4-10 nights, it gives you 30 days free camping at any of their 28 locations and then $3/night after that for an entire year. We’ve already spent about a week at the Orlando Thousand Trails site in Clermont, FL […]