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OHIO! We went back, full circle, to where our little family started. We moved to Columbus after marriage back in 1996. Jason worked as a Design Engineer for Honda R&D and I worked for an architectural firm downtown. Mr T was born in Westerville, OH and we got to drive through the town. It hasn’t […]

This is it, the big reveal! One year ago, we bought this beauty in need of some major updating and TLC. Since then we’ve primed, painted, re-wired, re-ducted, removed mouse nests and carpet, removed wood floor and a broken microwave, stripped wallpaper, resealed the toilet, eliminated creepy plumbing fixtures, added a bunk bed, gutted a […]

It turns out that re-sealing an re-coating the roof was a pretty easy. Ha! That’s a blatant lie, sorry about that. Let’s just say it’s pretty straight-forward, but it does involve a lot of grunt work. I’m just glad I didn’t have to completely remove the old coating and scrape and prime the base aluminum. […]

The motorhome did not come with a dining area or table or any kind of useful surface. That really left it up to our imagination as to what we wanted for our family. I went through dozens of ideas of my own as well as pouring over photos of other table remodels people have done […]

Replacing the 20-year old carpet and old wood flooring was probably one of the biggest updates that made a visual difference. We found some great gray wood that looked like planks from the side of an old barn. It’s super durable and provided a great foundation and contrast for the look we were creating: RECLAIMÉ […]