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This is it, the big reveal! One year ago, we bought this beauty in need of some major updating and TLC. Since then we’ve primed, painted, re-wired, re-ducted, removed mouse nests and carpet, removed wood floor and a broken microwave, stripped wallpaper, resealed the toilet, eliminated creepy plumbing fixtures, added a bunk bed, gutted a […]

The boys have been spending the night in Edelweiss all week. They love their bunks. Our new bed is constructed and the mattress is finally finished. The frame allows the base to slide from a 30″ deep sofa during the day to a 55″ bed at night. Grandpa reconfigured the old sofa area that had […]

It turns out that re-sealing an re-coating the roof was a pretty easy. Ha! That’s a blatant lie, sorry about that. Let’s just say it’s pretty straight-forward, but it does involve a lot of grunt work. I’m just glad I didn’t have to completely remove the old coating and scrape and prime the base aluminum. […]

Our custom dining room table and bench seats are done! Finito! Finally. The table is secured to the wall and the floor, and we have 2 additional chairs that sit on the open side of the table. The bench seats, which coooould fit adult-sized humans, are primarily for the kids. But the bench seats are […]

The motorhome did not come with a dining area or table or any kind of useful surface. That really left it up to our imagination as to what we wanted for our family. I went through dozens of ideas of my own as well as pouring over photos of other table remodels people have done […]