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Replacing the 20-year old carpet and old wood flooring was probably one of the biggest updates that made a visual difference. We found some great gray wood that looked like planks from the side of an old barn. It’s super durable and provided a great foundation and contrast for the look we were creating: RECLAIMÉ […]

CARPET! When we initially looked at Edelweiss, and looked over the carpet and the old wood floor in the kitchen, we knew we would want to replace it as soon as humanly possible. I personally didn’t realize how bad it was, in terms of how much dust and dirt it was harboring, until we made […]

I’m getting so excited because things are really starting to come together. We have about 75% of the painting done, the bunks are built and the full sofa/bed is constructed — we’re just waiting for the foam to arrive. Some of the lighting has been replaced and we bought new faucets and a toilet seat […]

We are really good at demolition! So much so, that even as I have a plan of how everything will look once its put back together, I really start to panic when I see it so far gone. My parents had started some work over the winter pulling out the stuff we didn’t want and […]