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We are really good at demolition! So much so, that even as I have a plan of how everything will look once its put back together, I really start to panic when I see it so far gone. My parents had started some work over the winter pulling out the stuff we didn’t want and […]

We left the peninsula around 3pm and crossed over to the east bay to take a less busy route south. After only 90 min on the road we hear a loud, startling sound and thumping. This could not be good. Immediately we pulled off the highway and looked. At first I didn’t see anything, but […]

After 2 straight days of intense packing and multiple mishaps, we are on our way! The 17′ U-haul is packed with a little room to spare. This is the smallest Uhaul we’ve ever used. Designerd says it will be like driving a sports car,  I’m not sure I’d go that far. We’re towing our car […]

One advantage to the kids spending another night with us is that Divagirl (far right) got to spend one last fun-filled evening with 2 of her best friends. They went to the movies and out to dinner and had a blast. She was so happy! After the airline mishap yesterday I did not have high […]

Two weeks until we leave and the landlords have already re-rented this place. We’ve sold a handful of things on Craigslist. We’re trying to eat up the food we have in the house. We’re trying to sort through our belongings for those that will make the cut. But we have a problem. Its HOT. We […]