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Divagirl started asking for an American Girl doll around Thanksgiving last year when she landed her hands on a catalog. Thankfully, she’s easily distracted and she forgot about it by Christmas. But then she visited with a friend who had one and was reminded ever since. So I promised her that we’d take a birthday […]


Happy birthday to our baby girl! We get to celebrate her 7th year in this world and her 5th year being a part of our family. We love her so much! She gets to be in charge of her special day. She woke up to 7 pink balloons with a dollar in each and I […]


Happy birthday to my first baby boy! He woke up to 15 balloons with a dollar bill in each one hung in the living room. Mr. T got to choose his meals today and a treat for tonight – our tradition :) He also got the day off of school to use however he wanted. […]


Today is Jason’s 40th birthday. We had a quiet day of nothingness to celebrate this landmark reminder that we are getting older (and hopefully wiser). I say we, because I’m only 3 months behind him. Forty also brings on a couple changes. The first change is a new job that will afford us some financial […]


Some friends of ours moved in down the lane from us which enables Divagirl to have a friend nearby to play with. It also makes for a good motivational tool to get her to finish her schoolwork in a timely manner. Her and the other kiddos played spinning games outside and then devoured some watermelon. […]