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We had been spending a considerable amount of time in Redwood City, both seeing my friend and taking the car to a mechanic’s shop. It also seems that the more time you spend out and about the more you eat out. We hit some yummy restaurants during our stay; specifically pancake houses and sushi, haha […]


Here is the culmination of the hard work of the last few months. ISI Adult National Championships at Yerba Buena Skating Rink in San Francisco, California. I only entered 2 events, but some others I met entered up to 19 events! WHOA. My family was there to support me and watch me skate. I also […]


Since we were in the Bay area for our anniversary, we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. Mr S was at a sleepover and Mr T was babysitting Divagirl so we had a date night at Shabuway in San Mateo. Shabu shabu, for those who may not know, is a […]


Jason and I spent the day in Japantown in San Francisco. It’s such a neat area, you really ought to check it out if you’ve never been. It’s compact, about 2 blocks near Geary and Webster, and it has a parking garage (this is key in San Francisco). Jason had several meetings, so he camped […]


The great thing about visiting places you used to live is that you are familiar with the area and have services established. Which meant that this was going to be a very busy time! I was way overdue for my bloodwork labs, but since my doctor is in CA and the last time I had […]