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On our second foray into D.C. we were accompanied by my cousin, Dan. We met him at his house and he cooked us a splendid breakfast! He works at the State Department and had a parking space downtown so this time we got a personal chauffeur. Coming back on a Tuesday was less crowded since, […]


Our visit to Washington D.C. was a blast! We visited various places over two days, and were fortunate to have Heather’s aunt—day 1, and cousin—day 2, be our personal tour guides. We were also fortunate to have great weather on both days…blue skies and sunny, if only a touch on the warm side. Our fist day […]


We stayed at a cozy little park very convenient to downtown Tallahassee, appropriately named Tallahassee RV Park. Many of the residents were long timers; our neighbor had been there 3 years. Its a private setting with trees along the perimeter, but the rigs are packed in tight together. With awnings extended they miss the rig […]