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Part two of our journey to Pittsburgh. We’re back in dreaded Pennsylvania. Don’t get me wrong, the state is green and lush and gorgeous, but the driving (or in my case, riding) is slow and stressful. Today’s stop was Reptiland. Its easy to get to, just 6 miles off I-80. This was Mr. S’s paradise! […]


This whole weekend we have been remembering the sacrifices made by our military men and women to help keep us free. A terrible, necessary sacrifice. My own cousin is off somewhere, doing who knows what to ensure our freedom. I hope he is safe. Today we had a BBQ at my cousin Dan’s house and […]


We made it to Virginia, our 8th state. We are staying at the Williamsburg Thousand Trails park which seems to be nice so far and the people are friendly. The kids and I took a field trip today to Yorktown National Park to learn about the battle there during the Revolutionary War. This week there […]


We are at Three Flags Thousand Trails in Wildwood, Florida once again. There are far fewer people here this time around. We hear that many of the snowbirds go back north after Easter. That’s coming up soon! We got an excellent spot this time, extra large and backed up to the woods. Mr. S is […]


This is our last day at the Bay Bayou, so the kids and I decided to visit the local pet store one last time before we leave. The bike ride there was chilly, and the cold head-wind was !@#%&!^ annoying, but we made it in about 20 minutes. We were the only people in the […]