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The weather has been in the 90′s and very humid so we gave up on boon-docking in order to plug-in and have the comfort of A/C. We found a nice little tucked away park called Holiday Pines just off of I-80 near Langdon, PA. The bathrooms were nice and the playground was cute. Divagirl got […]


This is our last day at the Bay Bayou, so the kids and I decided to visit the local pet store one last time before we leave. The bike ride there was chilly, and the cold head-wind was !@#%&!^ annoying, but we made it in about 20 minutes. We were the only people in the […]


The other night, Mr. S decided to figure out a way to catch the elusive skink that’s been evading him for weeks. After doing a bunch of research online on how to safely trap them, he found a nice DIY solution that would work with what we had on hand. The basic idea: find a […]


I didn’t grow up with guns in the house, or hunting, or target shooting or with a fear that I needed one for self defense. Although at the age of 8, I remember going with friends to a huge field at the end of our street to shoot cans with a BB gun. That was […]


Mr. S is smitten with reptiles. Actually, “voraciously impassioned” might be the more appropriate description. He’s able to identify all of his catches and has begun writing a book about his finds. He’s extremely gentle with them, and they are all catch-and-release. The other night we watched a NOVA documentary about the Lizard King, a […]