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We had been spending a considerable amount of time in Redwood City, both seeing my friend and taking the car to a mechanic’s shop. It also seems that the more time you spend out and about the more you eat out. We hit some yummy restaurants during our stay; specifically pancake houses and sushi, haha […]


It was a pretty low-key travel day, and I was exhausted by the time night started rolling around, so we planned to boondock at the next convenient truck stop for the night. We were able to find one that had plenty of open spots, and also allowed some room for the kids to stretch, run […]


It stormed heavily the night before we planned on exploring the Badlands, but after breakfast the next morning, the sky rapidly cleared and a beautiful day had begun. During our night’s stay in Wall, South Dakota, we had asked a few people if we could drive the Badlands in our motorhome with a car in […]