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We made it to Oregon and one of my most favorite places in the world, Cannon Beach, Oregon! I’ve loved this place since Jason took me there while we were dating in the summer of ’92. It’s always cooler and it’s usually not as foggy as Seaside, but Haystack rock and the beach and waves […]


The drive from Iowa to Wall, South Dakota was long and boring peppered with billboards against the farmland. We left at 7:15 am CST and arrived at 6:30 pm MST. Jason was a trooper with so much driving. He even stopped at a rest area to participate in a meeting for work. Once we set […]


OHIO! We went back, full circle, to where our little family started. We moved to Columbus after marriage back in 1996. Jason worked as a Design Engineer for Honda R&D and I worked for an architectural firm downtown. Mr T was born in Westerville, OH and we got to drive through the town. It hasn’t […]


Our stay in the Boston-area will be super short—only a day and a half—but we were fortunate enough to work out dinner plans with a college friend and his lovely wife the first evening we arrived. During our trip down from Maine, we ran into some horrible storms that forced us to sit off the […]


We took a day trip from Maine down to Rye, New Hampshire to go on a whale watch. My friend from High School, Jen Kennedy, is now a Marine Biologist (which is so cool!) and she leads the whale watch tours on the Atlantic Queen II. The weather on land was looking quite ominous, but […]