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We decided not to travel with a toad (car towed behind) so we are relying on our bikes for transportation. Therefore we needed to do a little maintenance on the bikes and shift things around a bit. Designerd had been using my mountain bike because it was just too uncomfortable for me, Mr. T had […]

Yesterday was a nice rest, but today it was back to business. We still had the contents of a 17′ Uhaul truck to unload into storage. My parents were able to secure an air-conditioned 10×10 storage unit for us, but after we started loading things in, we started getting a little anxious that it might […]

Two weeks until we leave and the landlords have already re-rented this place. We’ve sold a handful of things on Craigslist. We’re trying to eat up the food we have in the house. We’re trying to sort through our belongings for those that will make the cut. But we have a problem. Its HOT. We […]

This is a process of minimizing. The first step is to sell any belongings that you don’t love, need or use on Craigslist. Wait for people to call and inquiry. Arrange time for pickup. Wait for said pickup time and wait and wait and wait…Yes, that’s usually how it works for us and C*list. Although […]

In an effort to live more simply the inevitable must occur. We have to downsize. One thing I’ve noticed in all the homes we’ve lived in is that no matter the size of the home, it will be full to bursting. We just don’t stop accumulating stuff. We have lived in homes that including the […]