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Once again, we’ve been so busy living life, we haven’t found time to write about it :) We do have a bunch of posts lined up, so prepare for a small barrage as we play catch-up! After a 5-day trek, we made it to Idaho! Jason’s sister and her family were visiting from Oregon when […]


My Grandma is an amazing woman and on June 30th she celebrated her 100th birthday! Such an accomplishment. We came into town to spend time with her for a few days. Our boys helped with some landscaping chores around her house. The first evening my aunt and uncle hosted a BBQ at the campground where […]


On our second foray into D.C. we were accompanied by my cousin, Dan. We met him at his house and he cooked us a splendid breakfast! He works at the State Department and had a parking space downtown so this time we got a personal chauffeur. Coming back on a Tuesday was less crowded since, […]


This whole weekend we have been remembering the sacrifices made by our military men and women to help keep us free. A terrible, necessary sacrifice. My own cousin is off somewhere, doing who knows what to ensure our freedom. I hope he is safe. Today we had a BBQ at my cousin Dan’s house and […]


This morning we joined our wonderful relatives, who recommended today’s outing, and ventured to the National Museum of the Marine Corps, a fantastically designed museum about 5 minutes from our spot in Prince William Forest. As we walked into the grand entry hall, a round circular room made of marble, and decorated with photos, period […]