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We’re in this “off the highway” little RV park, a quarter mile from the mechanic, called Casey Jones RV Park. There are mainly year-rounders here, but there is a large center section of grass with full hookups intended for transients like us. And really, it’s just us. Another fifth wheel pulled in when we did, […]


We made a quickie (or so we thought) detour back down to Florida for our oldest to take his Driver’s Permit test. I picked a podunk town just over the border that I hoped wouldn’t have too long of a wait. In Florida┬áthere are DMV offices and then there are Tax Collector offices that perform […]


We stayed at a cozy little park very convenient to downtown Tallahassee, appropriately named Tallahassee RV Park. Many of the residents were long timers; our neighbor had been there 3 years. Its a private setting with trees along the perimeter, but the rigs are packed in tight together. With awnings extended they miss the rig […]


Today is the day our oldest has been dreaming of for the past two years. The day his braces come off. It is an all day affair since the removal appointment is at 8:40 am, an hour away from the grandparents’ house. Then there is an additional 4:10 pm appointment to fit the retainer. So […]


Still chilling out in Florida, spending the week at the Orlando Thousand Trails in Clermont, waiting for the weather to stop being so fickle so we can start heading north. We had planned on going up to Atlanta before Easter, but it may have to wait until after Easter. On second thought, that may be […]