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We are back at my parents’ for a week or so. It feels weird not to have any scheduled plans. The kids have been sick with a mild fever and cold for a few days and I think it is making its way toward the grown ups now. We have the second to last orthodontist […]


I have to be honest, this would not normally be on our first choice list for places to stay, but it had one very important thing going for it: Location! It’s less than 2 miles to the Ellenton Ice Rink where my competition was held. So proximity wins out over…um…ambiance. The cutest part was that […]


Such a beautiful day to spend hanging out with new friends! We were fortunate enough to have two full-time (RV) families not too far away, who were game enough to meet us at a park that we could bike to. It was a nice park, although it was right next to the water treatment plant […]


Divagirl loves to dance. She misses her ballet teacher and classmates from CA. She’s also grown about 6″ since the summer, but I’ll get back to that. Initially I enrolled her in ballet to gain body awareness because she stumbled often. After roughly three weeks she no longer stumbled. As an added benefit she discovered […]


We had been searching for just the right patio mat to express the character of Edelweiss within our budget and kept coming up empty handed. Most mats are pretty boring, designed for the cookie cutter RV in shades of brown and tan. That’s not Edelweiss’s style. She’s a classy gal and therefore needed a unique […]