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We had been spending a considerable amount of time in Redwood City, both seeing my friend and taking the car to a mechanic’s shop. It also seems that the more time you spend out and about the more you eat out. We hit some yummy restaurants during our stay; specifically pancake houses and sushi, haha […]


Our 6 hour trip turned into 10 hours which made for a really long day trip. We really didn’t want to stop though, so we just pressed on. I do not miss the traffic here. Absolute insanity. We drove into Pacifica around dusk to find our site info waiting for us. We stayed at the […]


Having bad memories of schlepping on chains in the middle of a blizzard in July made me dread going through the pass to the west side of the state. The summer had been so warm this year that we actually had the opposite problem, it was 97 degrees and our radiator overheated. Fantastic. And we […]


Having lived in Spokane on two separate occasions many years ago, we left some cherished friends behind. Staying in Priest River and driving into Spokane to get some ice time has afforded us the opportunity to catch up with some friends. We met up with our friends Chris and Marnee, once on my own, and […]


We are west of the Mississippi again! Neither of us had ever been to Iowa before, and since we were headed west, we decided to stop and see my childhood friend, Jenn, who lives near Iowa City. I haven’t seen her for 14 years. Both her and her husband are veterinarians and they own their […]