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Divagirl and I have spent several days now with our friends while Jason worked at home and the boys worked on their lessons. Yesterday Jennifer took us to Amish country. We went to an Orchard and got some delicious apple cider doughnuts and the girls played on tire swings shaped like sea horses. They had […]

Flight Simulator

It just so happens that our friend Greg is a private pilot, and when he’s not flying CEO’s around the country, he teaches aviation training at Flight Safety International—which happened to be located at the airport just down the road from where we were staying. He offered to show us around the hangar that’s home […]

Evidently Isaac decided to follow the European model and not hit much of FL (besides the Keys) at all. Good for us, potentially devastating for Louisiana if it does land there. The up side is that Tampa is pretty much unaffected so I plan to skate on Thursday. The boys are making great strides on […]

With the possibility of Hurricane Isaac passing through and causing rain, wind and flooding along the coastline from Miami to Louisiana we’ve been battening down the hatches for potential external flying hazards. We should be perfectly fine here even if we lose power since we have a well and a generator and enough food for […]

After way too much electronic freedom, its time to detox the kids’ minds and get back to learning. We are using August as a fill in the gaps month and get a head start on some subjects that need some brushing up. Its a fairly light schedule to ease back into lessons. They will all […]