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…when you feel like you are talking to a wall. Just when you’ve finished patting yourself on the back on how well Divagirl has been progressing, you take a day to review some concepts she’d mastered months ago. Sounds easy, right? Evidently not. She’s had her numbers to one hundred since January. Every once in […]

It was so gloriously wonderful outside today we just HAD to do our lessons on the patio. We reviewed our presidents 1-15 and learned 16-20. Is it weird that I have a crush on Franklin Pierce?? Then we moved on to our Spelling lesson and worked on spelling with the short ‘a’ and short ‘i’ […]

Divagirl is a Daisy Girl Scout and yesterday she had a troop meeting. They worked on Sunny’s petal, friendly and helpful, and the girls who wanted to participate could take turns reading Sunny’s story out loud to the group. Divagirl took turns reading! I was so proud of her progress I could’ve burst :) She […]

The first thing a non-homeschooler asks a homeschooler is “What about socialization??” (gasp!) And whenever I’m asked that I know in my head the answer, but I’m usually so busy or distracted with other things that it comes out all mixed up like I’m defending it as I go along. Or, if I’m having a […]

I’ve only managed to pack 3 boxes to keep in storage, cleaned out the outgrown clothes in Divagirl’s closet (4 paper bags full!), and start on the boys’ closet. But I’ve made progress on next year’s curriculum! I must admit, I’m a planner. I get a thrill planning, organizing and researching. Mr T will be […]