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Our way to Mount Rushmore saw a little more traffic and a lot more motorcycles. Good thing is, there’s now a truck route from I-90 to the park. There were still plenty of steep grades—they made Edelweiss struggle a few times, but we made it! At least we could avoid downtown Rapid City, SD. There’s […]


The kids got a short break in July between school “years” and on August 1st we began easing back into lessons again. I have a lot more planned for them this year as they enter 10th, 7th and 2nd grades respectfully. Which essentially means more work for me :)


We ended up extending our stay at Cross Creek another day. We just had too much to do to leave just yet. Columbus is a mecca for all things shopping. If you can’t find it in Columbus, you probably don’t need it :) We took advantage of Stacey’s Costco membership to get 4 new tires […]


Hocking Hills State Park ranks high on my favorite places list. We were last here for our first wedding anniversary and the area is just as beautiful, albeit a bit more civilized. Let’s just say it has the nicest Walmart I’ve ever set foot in. We stayed at the KOA nearby, who made us stay […]


Before we left West Virginia, Keri was able to get all the boys out on a private Tree Top Adventures ziplining session. Divagirl and I went into town and hung out at the old fashioned Ben Franklin store. I thought they had closed them all! It was a walk down memory lane. The boys really […]