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We took a day trip from Maine down to Rye, New Hampshire to go on a whale watch. My friend from High School, Jen Kennedy, is now a Marine Biologist (which is so cool!) and she leads the whale watch tours on the Atlantic Queen II. The weather on land was looking quite ominous, but […]


I think Mr. S has the potential makings of a farm hand. Perhaps next summer he can come back and work the farm for the whole summer! He’s helped catch a pig, collect eggs from the chickens and helped move the herds of cows. Now he just needs to learn how to drive the tractor. […]


The weather has been in the 90′s and very humid so we gave up on boon-docking in order to plug-in and have the comfort of A/C. We found a nice little tucked away park called Holiday Pines just off of I-80 near Langdon, PA. The bathrooms were nice and the playground was cute. Divagirl got […]


Part two of our journey to Pittsburgh. We’re back in dreaded Pennsylvania. Don’t get me wrong, the state is green and lush and gorgeous, but the driving (or in my case, riding) is slow and stressful. Today’s stop was Reptiland. Its easy to get to, just 6 miles off I-80. This was Mr. S’s paradise! […]

Divagirl and I have spent several days now with our friends while Jason worked at home and the boys worked on their lessons. Yesterday Jennifer took us to Amish country. We went to an Orchard and got some delicious apple cider doughnuts and the girls played on tire swings shaped like sea horses. They had […]