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Part two of our journey to Pittsburgh. We’re back in dreaded Pennsylvania. Don’t get me wrong, the state is green and lush and gorgeous, but the driving (or in my case, riding) is slow and stressful. Today’s stop was Reptiland. Its easy to get to, just 6 miles off I-80. This was Mr. S’s paradise! […]


We’re in this “off the highway” little RV park, a quarter mile from the mechanic, called Casey Jones RV Park. There are mainly year-rounders here, but there is a large center section of grass with full hookups intended for transients like us. And really, it’s just us. Another fifth wheel pulled in when we did, […]


The other night, Mr. S decided to figure out a way to catch the elusive skink that’s been evading him for weeks. After doing a bunch of research online on how to safely trap them, he found a nice DIY solution that would work with what we had on hand. The basic idea: find a […]


Mr. S is smitten with reptiles. Actually, “voraciously impassioned” might be the more appropriate description. He’s able to identify all of his catches and has begun writing a book about his finds. He’s extremely gentle with them, and they are all catch-and-release. The other night we watched a NOVA documentary about the Lizard King, a […]