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We are temporarily rooted near Oldsmar, FL for the month while I train for a skating competition. USFS Adult Sectional Championships is March 8-10th in Ellenton, FL and I’ve registered for Bronze Free Skate and Bronze Compulsories. I’ve only made it to a rink twice in the last 2 months (once in Orlando and once […]

It has been a busy first season of skating. So far I’ve competed in 2 USFS competitions, 1 ISI competition, a club recital/exhibition, taken (and passed) 3 sets of tests: USFS Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field and Free Skate; ISI Open Bronze, Figures I; USFS Adult Bronze Moves in the Field and Free Skate. […]

I was the only entry in the Adult Pre-Bronze FreeSkate, therefore I guess it was technically another exhibition skate. I was really hoping to have video this time, however, even with a replacement camera we had some technical difficulties. It would auto-shut down after a couple of seconds, so Designerd just took some rapid fire […]

Skating is something I’ve always done for myself, not to please anyone else. As a result, not too many people know about it…until now. I grew up as a competitive equestrian eventer, doing the show circuit, 4H, Pony Club, and 3 phase eventing and while I enjoyed it at the time, it wasn’t something I […]