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Sometimes its hard to believe I’m the mom to 3 awesome kids, and then I remember my oldest is turning 14. And then its extremely difficult to believe that I’m old enough to have a teenager! (One look in the mirror usually brings me back to reality pretty quick). Yes, my baby boy who made […]

I’ve only managed to pack 3 boxes to keep in storage, cleaned out the outgrown clothes in Divagirl’s closet (4 paper bags full!), and start on the boys’ closet. But I’ve made progress on next year’s curriculum! I must admit, I’m a planner. I get a thrill planning, organizing and researching. Mr T will be […]

We don’t really have a complete plan, but we have a tentative plan or rather a sketchy outline for our new lifestyle. We currently live in California and the highly-regulated-extremely-safe-family-friendly city in which we live does not allow one to keep a motorhome so we plan on having hubby and eldest take a cross-country road […]