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We had been spending a considerable amount of time in Redwood City, both seeing my friend and taking the car to a mechanic’s shop. It also seems that the more time you spend out and about the more you eat out. We hit some yummy restaurants during our stay; specifically pancake houses and sushi, haha […]


We left Jason’s sister’s house and got 40 miles away when we realized we forgot our hard drive. Oops. So we pulled off at a truck stop, unhitched the car and Jason drove back to retrieve it. Richie was nice enough to meet him. Unfortunately, it added another hour and a half to our already […]


You would think that having to drive 794 miles, heading west, across Wyoming and Montana would be a little monotonous. Not for us! Three hours into the day’s drive, we stopped off at a gas station for some snack refills. Upon walking back to the coach, I noticed the bike rack was hyperextended toward the […]


We are west of the Mississippi again! Neither of us had ever been to Iowa before, and since we were headed west, we decided to stop and see my childhood friend, Jenn, who lives near Iowa City. I haven’t seen her for 14 years. Both her and her husband are veterinarians and they own their […]


We made it out of Massachusetts just as the rains came and had a nice cool travel day through Rhode Island and Connecticut. It only took 39 minutes to cut through Rhode Island, long enough to ponder the validity of its name since it is not an island nor even a peninsula. In keeping with […]