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The kids got a short break in July between school “years” and on August 1st we began easing back into lessons again. I have a lot more planned for them this year as they enter 10th, 7th and 2nd grades respectfully. Which essentially means more work for me :)


Our visit to Washington D.C. was a blast! We visited various places over two days, and were fortunate to have Heather’s aunt—day 1, and cousin—day 2, be our personal tour guides. We were also fortunate to have great weather on both days…blue skies and sunny, if only a touch on the warm side. Our fist day […]


We made it to Virginia, our 8th state. We are staying at the Williamsburg Thousand Trails park which seems to be nice so far and the people are friendly. The kids and I took a field trip today to Yorktown National Park to learn about the battle there during the Revolutionary War. This week there […]


We stayed at a cozy little park very convenient to downtown Tallahassee, appropriately named Tallahassee RV Park. Many of the residents were long timers; our neighbor had been there 3 years. Its a private setting with trees along the perimeter, but the rigs are packed in tight together. With awnings extended they miss the rig […]

Ok friends, here are a handful of LEGOLAND photos – I thought it’d be easier to digest these in their own post, given the way the gallery appends thumbnails to the post blah blah geeky stuff…here you go!