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We’ve decided to settle down in… SPOKANE, WASHINGTON! It’s the most logical choice. We’ve lived there twice before. We have friends, doctors, dentists, family and other services already established so there’s no start-up stress. It meets all of our criteria for hobbies and activities. Spokane is warm and dry in the summer, cold and sunny […]


When we set out on this journey 11 months ago, we didn’t know if we’d make it past a week in this lifestyle, let alone permanently. So we set a goal to give it a year and then re-evaluate. We are wrapping up our year and have experienced so much; met some wonderful new friends, […]

After way too much electronic freedom, its time to detox the kids’ minds and get back to learning. We are using August as a fill in the gaps month and get a head start on some subjects that need some brushing up. Its a fairly light schedule to ease back into lessons. They will all […]

Divagirl is a Daisy Girl Scout and yesterday she had a troop meeting. They worked on Sunny’s petal, friendly and helpful, and the girls who wanted to participate could take turns reading Sunny’s story out loud to the group. Divagirl took turns reading! I was so proud of her progress I could’ve burst :) She […]

The first thing a non-homeschooler asks a homeschooler is “What about socialization??” (gasp!) And whenever I’m asked that I know in my head the answer, but I’m usually so busy or distracted with other things that it comes out all mixed up like I’m defending it as I go along. Or, if I’m having a […]