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We’ve been “de-schooling” of sorts for the past month and its going really well! I’ve eliminated all worksheets and writing assignments for the time being since it nearly always brings tears. We have been working on the “school is fun” concept and using the word “lessons” instead of “school” to disassociate the bad memories. (But […]

Well, there was this time when I said I had to try very hard not to pull the kiddos out of public school now. One escaped. That is, Divagirl is now being homeschooled. Hehe. The school curriculum and processes were failing her and it was painful to watch her try to keep up and learn […]

As I’ve mentioned before we’ll be roadschooling the kiddos, which is really just a very mobile form of homeschooling. The biggest challenge will be having enough room for all our materials and still keeping it simple (oh, and not exceeding our gross allowable weight). This affords us an amazing opportunity to live, walk, and see […]