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We’re in Lake Placid! Home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics…and they don’t let you forget it :) I am participating in an adult skating weekend here from Thursday through Sunday. All of your ice time is included and then you pay for group and private lessons separately. We stayed at Cascade Acres on […]


When we were planning our trip to North Carolina I checked out the nearby rinks and saw that one was having a USFS skating competition while we were planning on being there and that I had one day left to register. Done! It doesn’t usually work out so nicely. The skating calender runs from June […]


This week has been crazy! But in a great way. Jason was able to work out of his company’s office, which is about 20 minutes from here, and I’ve been skating every morning in preparation for my competition this Saturday. The rink is 15-20 minutes away in a multi-sports facilitiy, much like a town rec […]


Hello Georgia: Land of pecans, peaches and RAIN! I think we just picked an unfortunate spring week to visit the Atlanta area because there were very few breaks in the storms for the entire week. I think we may have only seen the sun for a fleeting moment. That altered our plans slightly since no […]


What a day! It started simply enough; I wanted to go skating. I haven’t been on the ice since the competition and seeing all my fellow skaters posting comments on facebook made me jealous. I couldn’t go to RDV in Orlando because they had a competition going on this weekend and limited sessions so I […]