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Hocking Hills State Park ranks high on my favorite places list. We were last here for our first wedding anniversary and the area is just as beautiful, albeit a bit more civilized. Let’s just say it has the nicest Walmart I’ve ever set foot in. We stayed at the KOA nearby, who made us stay […]


Moving slightly further north in Virginia we found a place to stay near my relatives in Springfield. This is the beginning of the Memorial Weekend, which for the north signifies the start of camping season, made for a little difficulty securing a reservation. But we were able to get the last full hookup site in […]


Mr. T has been saving up for various “wants” and decided to move “longboard” to the top of the list. I took him out to 2 different places, one in Durham and the other in Raleigh. He had a pretty good idea of what he was looking for, but the salesman in Durham was about […]


Fort Clinch is one of the most well-preserved 19th century forts in the country, and is one of the first State Parks to be opened to the public. That’s all I’ve got, but it was a great place to visit! We spent 3 days at the Amelia Beach campground, which is about a 5 minute […]


My faith in the FL state park system has been restored. Anastasia State Park is gorgeous and wooded with squirrels and spanish moss hanging from the trees. And that’s just the campground. There’s a beach…a glorious, sugary, amazing stretch of semi-private wonderfulness with shells and sand dunes. This is, hands down, the best beach we’ve […]