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We made it out of Massachusetts just as the rains came and had a nice cool travel day through Rhode Island and Connecticut. It only took 39 minutes to cut through Rhode Island, long enough to ponder the validity of its name since it is not an island nor even a peninsula. In keeping with […]


After passing through Maryland we arrived in Delaware; a new sticker to add to our state map. We ended up leaving a day late because the night before we were planning on leaving we noticed the brakes on our Saturn acting funny. We were able to take it in to a shop in Woodbridge and […]


Moving slightly further north in Virginia we found a place to stay near my relatives in Springfield. This is the beginning of the Memorial Weekend, which for the north signifies the start of camping season, made for a little difficulty securing a reservation. But we were able to get the last full hookup site in […]


How much is a toad worth? For us, the car itself gives us priceless freedom…but we ended up paying double what we had originally planned for: Cost of our in-excellent-condition 1998 Saturn SL2 that included a Blue Ox tow bar, base plate, full size spare tire, chains and automotive bra: ~$2800 Florida taxes, registration and license […]


Now that we’re in a better position financially with Jason’s new job, we started seriously looking for a car we could tow four down behind Edelweiss. It was very convenient having the car with us the last 3 weeks and we realized the possibilities it opened up for us. I still love biking, but realistically […]