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We’ve decided to settle down in… SPOKANE, WASHINGTON! It’s the most logical choice. We’ve lived there twice before. We have friends, doctors, dentists, family and other services already established so there’s no start-up stress. It meets all of our criteria for hobbies and activities. Spokane is warm and dry in the summer, cold and sunny […]


We left Ohio and quickly made our way through Indiana by way of Indianapolis. We stopped for the night just outside of Peoria, Illinois at a park called Kamp Komfort. It was in the middle of a cornfield, but that’s not saying much, as there’s very little besides cornfields in central Illinois :) The caretaker […]


We made it out of Massachusetts just as the rains came and had a nice cool travel day through Rhode Island and Connecticut. It only took 39 minutes to cut through Rhode Island, long enough to ponder the validity of its name since it is not an island nor even a peninsula. In keeping with […]


After passing through Maryland we arrived in Delaware; a new sticker to add to our state map. We ended up leaving a day late because the night before we were planning on leaving we noticed the brakes on our Saturn acting funny. We were able to take it in to a shop in Woodbridge and […]


After driving all day we finally arrived in North Carolina, specifically Birchwood RV Park in Durham. This park is unique. The owner doesn’t take reservations and most of the clientele are older mobile homes and patients at Duke University Hospital. They come and they go and everything seems to be lacking a system, or rather, […]