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On our second foray into D.C. we were accompanied by my cousin, Dan. We met him at his house and he cooked us a splendid breakfast! He works at the State Department and had a parking space downtown so this time we got a personal chauffeur. Coming back on a Tuesday was less crowded since, […]


This whole weekend we have been remembering the sacrifices made by our military men and women to help keep us free. A terrible, necessary sacrifice. My own cousin is off somewhere, doing who knows what to ensure our freedom. I hope he is safe. Today we had a BBQ at my cousin Dan’s house and […]


This morning we joined our wonderful relatives, who recommended today’s outing, and ventured to the National Museum of the Marine Corps, a fantastically designed museum about 5 minutes from our spot in Prince William Forest. As we walked into the grand entry hall, a round circular room made of marble, and decorated with photos, period […]


Moving slightly further north in Virginia we found a place to stay near my relatives in Springfield. This is the beginning of the Memorial Weekend, which for the north signifies the start of camping season, made for a little difficulty securing a reservation. But we were able to get the last full hookup site in […]


We made it to Virginia, our 8th state. We are staying at the Williamsburg Thousand Trails park which seems to be nice so far and the people are friendly. The kids and I took a field trip today to Yorktown National Park to learn about the battle there during the Revolutionary War. This week there […]