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We’ve decided to settle down in… SPOKANE, WASHINGTON! It’s the most logical choice. We’ve lived there twice before. We have friends, doctors, dentists, family and other services already established so there’s no start-up stress. It meets all of our criteria for hobbies and activities. Spokane is warm and dry in the summer, cold and sunny […]


Having bad memories of schlepping on chains in the middle of a blizzard in July made me dread going through the pass to the west side of the state. The summer had been so warm this year that we actually had the opposite problem, it was 97 degrees and our radiator overheated. Fantastic. And we […]


Having lived in Spokane on two separate occasions many years ago, we left some cherished friends behind. Staying in Priest River and driving into Spokane to get some ice time has afforded us the opportunity to catch up with some friends. We met up with our friends Chris and Marnee, once on my own, and […]


Once again, we’ve been so busy living life, we haven’t found time to write about it :) We do have a bunch of posts lined up, so prepare for a small barrage as we play catch-up! After a 5-day trek, we made it to Idaho! Jason’s sister and her family were visiting from Oregon when […]